Counseling Services that fits you 

Online Therapy

In the 21st century is difficult to commute from one place to another. Travelling takes a lot of time and we sometimes waste time traveling. Online services provide the opportunity to have sessions with a professional from the convenience of your computer.

Sessions will be conducted online through a video call.

If you feel you would like to take a session but do not wish to travel, then contact us today to schedule your first online session.

In-home Therapy

To avoid traveling to the office and if you would like to have a one to one in-person session, then we can come to your house.

We can schedule the session according to your convenience and it would be a benefit if you would like to have marriage counseling, family counseling.

If you decide to begin in-home counseling, we can usually have a coach or counselor at your home (within Mumbai and Mumbai Suburbs) within 48 hours to begin your initial consultation.

in-office therapy

Many corporate offices in India give importance to mental health, they would like to keep their employees happy and satisfied to enhance productivity.

For human resource professionals, it’s a challenge to find some counselors who could help them in their day-to-day activities.

If you decide to begin in-office counseling, we can usually have a counselor at your office (within Mumbai and Mumbai Suburbs) and could decide to a number of days our counselor visits your office.