The 7 Secrets of Relationship

My friends used to come to me for advice about minor issues in their relationships. I was hurt to see them in agony. In the 21st century, individuals don’t possess energy for their families; they barely speak with one another. Regardless of what they convey, they utilize a digital approach to speak with one another even if they are living in the same apartment. The individual touch has disappeared from our lives or we have limited it. We are living in a misleading world, where everybody is chasing money. Our desire has expanded so much that we hope to have all of what our neighbor has. While achieving our professional and personal goals, we sometimes neglect our family members.

My goal for writing this book was to share my 20 years of involvement in relationship research. I have encountered numerous people who were confronting issues in their own life. While you read this book, you may feel that it’s your story I am expounding on. My sole motivation behind this book is to make you mindful of the minor issues in a relationship that we give little significance. I have discussed 7 privileged insights, rather I would call them 7 variables that influence our relationship but I have not given answers to all the issues. I can guarantee you that subsequent to perusing each of the 7 subjects, you will take in something from the book and could actualize some idea of the concepts. This will assist you in having a sound relationship.

Being a student of psychology, I have written this book, keeping in mind that I am talking to my client. I write the book as if I am in a counseling session with someone. This book will discuss my work in providing relationship advice. The book is to a greater extent a handy guide than a hypothetical one.

While perusing the book you can distinguish a few issues you more likely than not have been experiencing right now in your relationship. You can plan for and resolve those issues in the future.